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Re: Debian Woody 3.0 (stable)

El día 27 Jul 2002, Julio Jose Teca Nemesio escribía:
>    I live in Spain and here It's difficult get an official distribution.
>    Can I get Woody 3.0 (binaries,source,non-free...) directly from Debian?

     You can get the isos from any of the Debian mirrors. In your case,
     if you download them from the University, you could use
     ftp.es.debian.org, which is located in UAM, linked with Rediris
     (which should be the fastest link for you)
>    I'm interested in purchase the cds directly from Debian if It's 
>    possible.

     Debian does not sold CDs directly. The list of CD vendors are in
>    Atilon.com is the site where, in theory, I can purchase Debian's cds,
>    but they have only the Potato distribution and their webpage is death.
     There are other vendors in Spain, as you can see in the above list.
     For me OpenCd.com (http://www.opencd.com) has worked fine. (And
     yes, they're from Spain :)

  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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