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Re: Hi!, What do folks topic in here?

Colin Watson wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 20, 2002 at 05:00:00AM +0200, Daniel Mose wrote:
> > This list group seems to be a bit on the side of the  main debian-user ist
> > What does people like to talk about in here?
> http://lists.debian.org/ lists -project as "Non-technical
> project-related discussions".
> > Do you like to apply strict rules in topics f ex? or can you do some 
> > chitt-chatt f ex ? 
> I don't think this is really the place for chit-chat. There's -curiosa
> for "All the funny stuff regarding Debian", I suppose.
> -- 
> Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

Ah! there you are. again =)
Ok. more lists I should consider subscribing to then.

Now which of the lists is the closest one to Debian-missunderstood-geniouses 
list? =) ( seriously ? )

Main question: 

Is there a way to get the full Contents of the Debian.org homepage ?
( desirably with exception of any download , ftp , or packages summary pages )
F ex a tarball, zipped or as f ex "debian.org.plain-text.gz" ?

I would appreciate it  because then I would probably not ask all theese
stupid questions ( thus making me feel a bit less embarrassing ) 

I have considered downloading all the pages by hand, but it will probably 
be a bit of a trickery to fit the HTML pieces back together again.
There must be about a hundred interesting pages at Debian.org

I have already downloaded some of them but far from all. 

I usually read most pages I surf to this way to save some ISP bills.
It also feels a bit less distressfull for me to be off line, while reading.
For some reason I can absorb the page contents easier this way. 

/kind regards Daniel Mose.

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