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Re: woody release date

Markus Pfeifer wrote:
> > I want to try Debian ASAP! But I would feel pretty stupid if I
> > downloaded release 2.2rx a day before woody is released. Can someone
> > tell me woody release date?
> woody will still take about a half year to become stable,
> so, don;t be afraid. maybe it even takes longer.
> but you can also install woody as it is now. 'testing' (woody) for
> debian means 'stable' at redhat suse and such. ;)

Half a year huh???
Breaking some important News here:

Woody was Officially declared to be Stable Yesterday at 16.00 pm
local time somewhere in the world (probably the US)
Be careful owners of potato version change your apt-get.sources from
stable to potato. stable link is now pointed at Woody.

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