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Re: linux migration

On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 01:26, jonas.weismuller@fmc-asia.com wrote:
> I have a checklist about the programs which are used in our company. Most
> of the vendors of these programs don¡¯t support Linux solutions/Clients
> (hopefully it will change as soon as possible). Therefore I am looking for
> alternatives by taking into account the compatibility to our existing
> programs, because we will not migrate all PC¡¯s.


> Following the list of the programs my company used:
> MS Netmeeting
> ---------------
> Linux version: No
> Alternatives:
> Comments:

Look at openh323 and gnomemeeting.

> Power Archiver (Free compression tool)
> -------------------------------------
> Linux version: No
> Alternatives:
> Comments:

All the standard archive formats are supported.  There are several GUIs
available: guitar is one I know about.

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