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linux migration

Our company is considering to migrate some Desktop PC’s to Linux. To
rephrase: I have to prove how far the development of Linux is feasible in
our company!

I have a checklist about the programs which are used in our company. Most
of the vendors of these programs don’t support Linux solutions/Clients
(hopefully it will change as soon as possible). Therefore I am looking for
alternatives by taking into account the compatibility to our existing
programs, because we will not migrate all PC’s.

I hope you can fill in my list. If this is no subject for this mailing
list, please let me know or maybe you just prefer it to send it to my
private email address, it would be nice! If you have already experienced
alternative products playing/working with the common windows based
products, please write down a mark between 1-6 (“1 ? very well” to “6 -
very bad”) in brackets behind the certain program and if u don’t mind with
a short explanation of pros and cons, just insert with a comma and use a
“P:” for pros and a “C:” for cons!
For example: Alternative: openoffice(3,P:faster, more stable, C:" not
compatible to Microsoft excel 2000 sheets), staroffice (2)

Following the list of the programs my company used:
MS Office 97/2002
Linux version: No
Alternatives: openoffice(), star office()

MS Netmeeting
Linux version: No

Power Archiver (Free compression tool)
Linux version: No

Irfan View
Linux version: No

Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw
Linux version: No/yes (PhotoPaint)
Alternatives: Gimp(), PhotoPaint()

Lotus Notes Domino 5
Linux version: No

Linux version: mySAP

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Linux version: yes

And last but not least one question:
If we come to the conclusion to migrate to Linux which Operating system
would you choose for a Desktop solution and WHY !?!?

That’s it! Thanks a lot!

If you find any mistakes in my listing your are welcome to correct ! ;-)

Cheers JonasN?I@R	??hu驸jzk??藩闺-?-弊?╄?"??皋r??.n?????????f?赍?lu驸jz+

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