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Re: Install

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 09:17:25PM -0700, Donovan Colbert wrote:
>  Yeah, I was unable to find the first link you provided below.

This is something we'll have to work on. We can deduce a lot from statistics
of which pages get visits and which don't, but we definitely prefer detailed
first hand input from individual users.

> There are links under Getting Debian to Release Info, Debian Packages,
> Debian on CD and Download, and under Documentation there are links to
> Installation Instructions and Debian Books, but the information here all
> seemed oriented toward "Buy the CD from a distributor and install it that
> way, this is the easiest method".

Well, because we feel it is :) I see how it can be understood to mean we
primarily want people to buy CDs in order to get a percentage -- but we
really primarily do it because we think it's easiest to install that way
for an uninitiated user.

> I found the CD method, and tried that. Unfortunately, as a newbie, I
> downloaded the #1 .iso image, didn't realize that although it said it
> downloaded 640mb the file was only 32 mb.

This is something we might want to add to the troubleshooting pages. I think
we might have something about errors in transmission there already.

> So I went to the CD Net Install page, tried that, from work, but couldn't
> seem to get a CD to actually work as a bootable CD from that location.

Ah, so you burned a CD but it wasn't bootable?

> I know the idea of a "Quick start" install goes against the basic RTFM
> philosophy of Linux/Unix, but that is what "consumers" want. Let me get the
> damned thing installed, THEN let me figure out how it all works. That is
> what Microsoft tends to get them. Click setup, answer a few questions in
> plain English (Do you want a US English Layout as opposed to Do You Want
> North America ISO9880 or RTQ2450 Keymaps)and go.

We'll probably try to develop an approach that's neither this nor that, that
is, one that will encourage people to read as much as possible before and/or
during the installation, but expecting that they won't and making sure they
at least understand the key stuff.

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