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Re: Install

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 22:05:12 -0700, Donovan Colbert wrote:
> www.debian.org proved to be a frustrating series of fruitless efforts to try
> and figure out how to best get the media to install. I tried a CD based
> install, but being a w32 oriented guy, ran into a variety of issues with
> creating a working bootable image.

Perhaps you could expand on this a bit for the benefit of the CD and
documentation teams? http://www.debian.org/CD/ has pointers to complete ISO
images which can be burned using commonly used burning apps under w32.

> I know the Debian development has a vested interest in selling CDs,

Some CD vendors offer the option of donating to the project, yes. But IMHO
that's not much of a vested interest. The project's financial needs are
quite moderate and we depend a lot more on e.g. donated bandwidth and
machines than we do on donations from CD buyers.

> The trick is not scaring us away with the install process before we're on
> the hook. Just a thought.

A lot of work is being done on the install process; you may want to have a
look at the PGI stuff (which continues the development of the graphical
installer that Progeny used) for example.

> I'm still not convinced that Linux presents a significant challenge to the
> Windows empire in general. The fact is, I could have installed and
> configured a pool of Windows based desktops in the time it took me to
> complete a single Linux desktop,

Sure, but installation and setup time are only parts of the cost of
operating. It is easy to forget about (long-term) maintainability of
installs, stability and security.

"Never trust a poll you haven't rigged yourself."

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