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Re: Help

On Sun, 2002-05-12 at 17:45, Stephen Macaskill wrote:
 installed Debian on that other partition.  Whenever I boot my computer
it only starts in Linux, so at first i thought I installed Linux in the

change whcih OS to boot in.  Is there anything I can do to fix this?

After turning on your computer the BIOS starts up, after the bios the
program in the bootsector of the harddisk is started. This probably used
to be winxp. After installing linux the installed probably installed
LILO in your bootsector.

Your lilo is probably configured to boot linux, that's why linux is
booted by default.

Look for a "LILO" prompt on boot-up (usually with a 5 second delay.)

If you have a LILO prompt on bootup, boot into linux, change the file
/etc/lilo.conf and re-run the 'lilo' command.

If you add a 'other' entry in the lilo.conf file (look for how to do
this in the lilo manual page 'man lilo.conf' and rerun lilo you should
be able to boot windows XP again by pressing "CTRL, ALT or SHIFT" when
the LILO promp pops up during booting, and then pressing 'TAB'.

Lilo will then list it's known options, usually Linux and WinXP or
something. If you then type WinXP<enter> Windows will boot.

The 'other' section in lilo.conf usually looks something like this:

other /dev/hda1
	label WinXP 

(This is from memory, since I don't use lilo, and don't have it

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