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Re: Working on debian developer's reference and "best packaging practices"

>>""Luca" == "Luca  <- De Whiskey's - De Vitis" <luca@debian.org>> writes:

 Luca> The dpkg reference should describe what is a dpkg package and
 Luca> its internals:

	As well as any new or optional input or output, and actions
 not required for packaging (dpkg-deb -x details do not need to be in

 Luca> the Debian policy should describe what we need before the build
 Luca> (since we want to be architecture independent)

	This is  a good point, though I would not have chosen arch
 independence as the major reason.

 Luca> and what we want to obtain after the installation (since we
 Luca> want to have an uniform system).


 Luca> At last we need a document that tells maintainers how to build
 Luca> a dpkg package from source, assuming both to be Debian policy
 Luca> compliant (since we choose dpkg as our official packaging
 Luca> tool). Such a document may include tips & tricks (ie.  the use
 Luca> of debhelper), solutions to common problems and so on.

	Sounds like the developers reference

 Luca> In this way, we can completely plug the packaging tool in and
 Luca> out the process. This is what i like Debian to be.

	That would be nice. So policy would be the common part, and
 dpkg could be one of several package management tools that could be
 used to maintain a Debian system. I like the concept, but I have no
 idea when or even if) this could come to fruition.

 Luca> Chapters like "The * team", mould be placed in a separate
 Luca> document: for example The Debian Infrastructure. I see the need
 Luca> of this kind of documentation, but i do not see it well placed
 Luca> in any document about policy/packages/distribution. They are
 Luca> people, staffs, working officially for Debian.

	I tend to agree.

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