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Re: Working on debian developer's reference and "best packaging practices"

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 02:12:54PM +0100, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> Surely either everything necessary should be in the dpkg reference or
> everything necessary should be in policy.  I really don't want to see
> it split up into two separate documents, for that way lies madness
> again.

	IMHO we should begin to completely split the source, from the
packaging tool and from the binary representation.  We should step from
describing a dpkg source to describe a package source.  Such a description
must provide us as many information as we need to build it on any
architecture.  Once we have this, we must provide as many directive as we see
necessary to make the installed package integrate with the system and share
the needed features with the other packages.

	The dpkg reference should describe what is a dpkg package and its
internals: the Debian policy should describe what we need before the build
(since we want to be architecture independent) and what we want to obtain
after the installation (since we want to have an uniform system). At last we
need a document that tells maintainers how to build a dpkg package from
source, assuming both to be Debian policy compliant (since we choose dpkg as
our official packaging tool). Such a document may include tips & tricks (ie.
the use of debhelper), solutions to common problems and so on.

	In this way, we can completely plug the packaging tool in and out the
process. This is what i like Debian to be.

	Chapters like "The * team", mould be placed in a separate document:
for example The Debian Infrastructure. I see the need of this kind of
documentation, but i do not see it well placed in any document about
policy/packages/distribution. They are people, staffs, working officially for

I tried to express my self in the best way i can: I hope it's enough.

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