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Re: Working on debian developer's reference and "best packaging practices"

Le Thu, May 02, 2002 at 10:05:06AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo écrivait:
>   - Debian Best Packaging Practices
> This item is vague.  I assume we're talking about tips and developer
> materials not contained in policy?

Yes. It may also include things moved away from policy ... when the
distinction between the "standard" and the "suggested implementation"
makes sense.

> Anyhow, I have to wonder what exact bits have been identified which
> should be added, and also, whether anyone volunteers...  Some ideas:

Many items will rapidly come once we ask for them. :-) I remember when
we spoke about it on IRC, we had several ideas in a matter of seconds.

Other examples of what the DBPP would/could cover :

How to manage multiple patches ?
How to nicely handle required modifications to config files ?
How to provide configuration files that are not registered as
config files with the dpkg system ?

> I think this is more of an ongoing issue rather than a milestone we
> can hit.

We can rapidly identify the issues to cover ...

> This is a high priority item, represents not too  much text, and
> should be pretty easy to fit in.


>   - Going further than simple maintainer [1]
> I would just call this "Other Tasks You Can Do".  Assume this is a
> pretty small chapter.  Is this high priority?

I like it because nowhere we direct our new developers where they can
help. I want to give them hints ... but i guess it's not really high

> I'd like to add a chapter:
>   - working with the upstream maintainers

Something else I wanted to add is :
« What you always wanted to know about X »
where X is "the ftpmasters", "the release manager", "the listmasters",
"the webmasters", "the debian-admin team", "the new-maintainer team",
"the QA team", "the security team", "the policy team" ...

Sometimes we have to write everything from scratch, sometimes we just
have to write an introduction and to give a link to somewhere else.

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