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Re: Working on debian developer's reference and "best packaging practices"


	Apropos to that, Policy proper contains elements that ought
 not to be in there, but remain as vestigial documentation of dpkg
 (which is how policy started).  Policy is going to be cleaned up and,
 and perhaps rewritten (probably in DocBook format) post woody (I like
 the layout of the sections in the FHS 2.2 document); and made into a
 more coherent, leaner version, as befits a standard document. Some of
 the examples need to be pruned from the policy proper; so a look into
 policy would be appreciated.

	My vision of policy is like that it is analogous to, say, the
 C standard, and not a DPKG for dummies or teach yourself packaging in 24
 hours kind of document. It would be nice if the "Debian Best
 Packaging Practices" document plays a complementary role and picks up
 the slack.  It would perhaps make policy more digestible. 

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