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RE: Project Adamastor - Portugal

Dear Pedro,

First of all, I am no one 'officially from Debian', but just someone
interested in it, and helping out here and there. If I ever find a package
to adopt I will fulfill my ultimate goal of becoming a debian developer.

Second, as I understand it, there is no 'Official Debian Boxed Linux
Distribution'. There's a set of official cd-images (currenlty 2.2r5/potato).
These official images can be considered stable (by all means: that means
usually outdated software). At the moment this set is 3 CDs, with one or 2
cds with extra software (KDE, eg).

There's also the woody distribution (forthcoming Debian 3.0), with more
recent software. "Unofficial CD-images" are created of this distribution
about twice a month. It currenlty consists of 8 CDs. However, the
distribution is still buggy, yesterday there were about 120 release critical
bugs left. Woody is usable, however, our LUG's webserver
(http://www.linuxbourg.ch) has an uptime of over 60 days and runs with

So, afaik there's no "Official Boxed Set". Any booxed sets you might find
out there are what distributers make of them. Hell, I am even fighting for
Printed manuals atm (the english version of the installation manual is like
100 pages, foreign language versions are more, so it would make sense to
sell printed copies of that).

The other thing are installparties (LIPs,FILs,..). Memeber of a local Linux
group who has organised a few of them, I have some hints:

- If oyu have a fast netw0rk connetion, use that. 70% of the boxes I have
seen can be installed with 2-3 disks (debian netinstall), the rest need like
5 disks.

- forget installing it on compaqs, those besats are so poprietary they'll
need a lot of skill to install (I have tried several times and couldn't do

- People at such events tend to buy CD's, esp. Mandrake & Redhat CDs (sorry,
but Debian is still perceived to be for more advanced users). Our last
instal levent was financially a huge success (covered all our ocsts,..)
because of the sale of CDs.

Mail me privately for more hints..

Robert Ribnitz

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Projecto Adamastor  [ Portugal ]  <http://www.adamastor.pt.vu/>
www.adamastor.pt.vu |||  <mailto:pmcavaco@netcabo.pt>
pmcavaco@netcabo.pt |||

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Project Adamastor:


Hi, my name is Pedro Cavaco, and I?m writing this email, in order to
present the project Adamastor and call you support if possible. 

The Project Adamastor is Portuguese project with the function of publish
and promote Linux Operating System. Our work is not supported for no
one, and we don?t have any support or payment for do that, we do this
with free spirit of learning and promotion of Linux, we fight to get
Linux more close of all.

Our site is  <http://www.adamastor.pt.vu/> www.adamastor.pt.vu , and our
contacts are  <mailto:pmcavaco@netcabo.pt> pmcavaco@netcabo.pt and
<mailto:devile@netcabo.pt> devile@netcabo.pt , at the moment we don?t
have yet a English version but more is to come.

The project Adamastor is coordinated by Pedro Cavaco (me) and Bruno


In the next days 10, 11 and 12 of April the Project Adamastor will go
organize a FIL (in English LIP)   Linux Installation Party , this event
will be on the Barreiro city in Augusto Cabrita School, people of most
regions of Portugal will come and TV and a magazines have been invited,
the site (in Portuguese) is  <http://www.fil2002.tk/> www.FIL2002.tk .

In this event we will create a linux lan party too and give a present to
the best Linux Desktop witch appears on the FIL Adamastor (LIP Adamastor


Like I said before we are not paid to leave Project Adamastor on fire,
and like is probably we don?t have money to buy software or equipments. 

In the way of  this things, we would like to request if possible to you
Debian Linux Distribution if is possible to send to us a orginal (box)
of Debian to us (Project Adamastor).

If that was possible we will be very appreciated 


Waiting for an answer


Cordially Pedro Cavaco 


PS: The original box is to offer like present for the person who show to
us in the event the best Desktop Linux.

We know we can download the OS Debian from the site on internet, but
please help our project and out  motivations. Tank You

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