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Re: Project Adamastor - Portugal

[CCed, as I'm not sure you are on debian-project]

Hi Pedro,

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Pedro Cavaco wrote:

> The Project Adamastor is Portuguese project with the function of
> publish and promote Linux Operating System. Our work is not supported
> for no one, and we don't have any support or payment for do that, we
> do this with free spirit of learning and promotion of Linux, we fight
> to get Linux more close of all.

> In the way of  this things, we would like to request if possible to
> you Debian Linux Distribution if is possible to send to us a orginal
> (box) of Debian to us (Project Adamastor).

> We know we can download the OS Debian from the site on internet, but
> please help our project and out  motivations. Tank You

Debian developers are unpaid volunteers too who build and improve the
distribution in their spare time. We are not a company like Red Hat or
SuSE and as such we don't have a boxed set (we don't even sell our

There are third parties that put the ISOs we provide on CDs and sell
them in a nice box, often with a good handbook or telephone support.
Perhaps one of them (check out [1]) can help you.

Hope that helps, if you still have questions please reply to


1. http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/

| Cc: <admin@db.debian.org>, <listmaster@lists.debian.org>,

Neither the database admin, nor the listmasters are the correct contact
for issues like this. debian-project should be just fine.

What is support@ for anyway?

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