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Re: Use of the Debian name for a website.

Chad McCullough wrote:
> Hi,

> I've been using Debian and Libranet for about 2 years and would like
  to create a basic website dedicated to this great distribution.  I
  was thinking of calling it www.debian-help.org, for example.  I
  wanted to email you first before doing this. Are there any legal
  issues with using the Debian name for something like this?

Since there is already a DebianHELP.org site that seems to have the
same target - and it's currently seeking for a new home[1], I wonder
if it wouldn't be a good idea to combine their effort with yours and
improve the site, its content and give it a new home?

Please note, that the site is already wellknown in the "Debian
World".  Having two similar named site would probably cause more
confusion that it would help, I assume.



[1] See <http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2002/11/> for details

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