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Re: stfp

> Svein.Sando@dmmh.no wrote:
> Is there a sftp server package on Debian? I have seached several
> times, but can't find any.
> There is a firewall on my system which blocks for ordinary ftp, so I
> can't maintain my files from outside the firewall.

Hello Svein,

Did you mean hfstp? I thought sftp
was just a curses-based front end to FTP.

hsftp is in Woody (and Sid):

"Package: hsftp 1.11-1 [non-us] 
FTP emulator which uses ssh as end-to-end transport

hsftp is an ftp emulator that provides the look-and-feel 
of an ftp session, but uses ssh to transport commands and 
data. No dedicated daemon (apart from sshd) is required."


- Richard


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