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Re: Spam

"David N. Welton" wrote:
> [ This discussion is better suited to debian-project, and you can
> quote me publically on what I state below ]
> The answer is to moderate the list, as the Apache Software Foundations
> successfully does.
> 1) by default, subscribed addresses can post.
> 2) not subscribed posters go to a human moderator or moderators who
>    can:
> [...]

Pablo Lorenzzoni wrote:
>         Although a members-only list is a very good solution for spam, I
> don't think it's the best for Debian project, since the -user-* lists
> are used for support as well. Maybe a possible solution is making non
> -user-* lists members-only. I don't know....

Alexander Zangerl wrote:
> if somebody wants to use a mailinglist, why is it unreasonable to expect
> him or her to subscribe to that mailinglist first? subscription is not
> a thing that can't be undone easily...

I posted a mail on the subject to -project last week and the week before
and I got no answer.

I think it is an important problem and I invite all those who feel we
have to do something to read my proposition. I tried to take into
account all the problems mentionned above and I think we could reduce
not only the spam traffic but also the userFAQ traffic.

Thanks in advance for your feed-back,


PS: Feel free to quote me out of this list.
LIMSI-CNRS, BP133, 91403 Orsay, France

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