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Re: debian su ppc

Actually, I don't speak Italian, so if any of this makes sense, blame my
English is the lingua franca on Debian lists (except those whose name
indicates differently); debian-user is probably a more appropriate list for
your questions.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 19:25:36 +0000, luigi doronzo wrote:
> sarei interssato ad installare Debian su una macchina dotata di processore
> PPC603/200mhz e scheda grafica con chipset Permedia2.
> esiste una distro debian adatta alle mie esigenze?

Probably, yes. Debian is ported to the PowerPC architecture. Details of that
port are available at http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/ .

> la posso reperire presso gli abituali canali di distribuzione
> (ftp.debian.org o simili)?

Yes, ftp.debian.org and complete mirrors carry the powerpc packages as well.

> poich dovrei installare linux specificatamente x uso scientifico (ho
> bisogno di matlab o di un ambiente compatibile)

I don't know if matlab is available for Linux/PowerPC. Possible alternatives
available in .deb format are

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