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Re: Hello

On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 21:43:42 +0100, CyBBe wrote:
> I'm just a little curious when you'll be releasing the new cd-images (of
> rev4)?

They've been available for two weeks now AFAICT. E.g. at
(see http://cdimage.debian.org/ftp-mirrors.html for other mirrors).

> I don't know if I turned to the right "person", but you'll probably be
> able to answer it, I hope...

debian-cd@lists.debian.org is the appropriate list.

I keep pitching my epic space opera about alien robots who infest our planet
and live off celebrities dryer lint to various publishers, but nobody wants
to publish a book written by a leader of mexican food, and starring a hero
named Litmus VanCenturfuge and his sidekick Pipet Jerks.	- CmdrTaco

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