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On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 04:19:23PM +0300, swahili Linux Project wrote:
>  2.Downloading the whole linux distribution, and go through all the source codes 
>  and documentations, then translate to kiswahili language.Recompile the 
>  distribution and configure it ready for installation and use.
>  on our side we have choosen the second alternative, where we want to take your 
>  GNU/Linux distribution.
>  We are hereby requesting you to assist us on how to get your distribution,that 
>  is the whole distribution with its source code and documentations.
>  We put forward our thanks and we are eager to receive your reply.

While I am no debian-developer, I can make some suggestions :)

You can download the current version of debian from one of many ftp or
websites listed on de debian website, you could also order cd's from the
many vendors that provide these.

As to your goal of creating a swahili version of debian, good luck.
The best way to get this done would be to start translating description
files/messages of the debian-utilities (boot-floppies, dpkg, apt etc)
and the most-important linux packages (utils, gnome/kde etc) and sending
patches to the package maintainers or upstream maintainers of the
programs. That way swahili supporting packages will slowly make their
way into debian (and other distributions). It is then up to you to write
some documentation (installation howto etc) and package it all up :)

Good luck, you'll need it.

Mark Janssen                         Unix Consultant @ SyConOS IT
E-mail: maniac@markjanssen.nl              GnuPG Key Id: 357D2178
http: maniac.nl, unix-god.[net|org], markjanssen.[com|net|org|nl]

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