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Request for volunteer of new delegate position

I'm seeking a volunteer to take on the responsibility of a new delegate
position. The position involves handling donations. The description is:

- Handle incoming offers for donations of equipment at
  donations@debian.org. This includes finding out if Debian has a need
  for the donation, deciding who or what it will be donated for within
  Debian and arrange shipping and reimbursement of costs (such as
  shipping costs, or getting extra parts such as ram to make the
  donation usable).
- Decide if the donation warrants a news release, which would then be
  coordinated with the Press team.
- Work with the web team to keep the donations page up-to-date.

Anyone willing to take on this task?

/                   Ben Collins    --    Debian GNU/Linux                  \
`  bcollins@debian.org  --  bcollins@openldap.org  --  bcollins@linux.com  '

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