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Re: [groucho@lanet.com.ar: fake Debian mirror at http://www.debian.org.ar/]

Hello, Groucho,

Groucho Marx wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 11:20:52PM +0100, Siward de Groot wrote:
> > I dont think there is a problem here :
> > > I think I found a supposedly Debian mirror at http://www.debian.org.ar/
> > > As an enthusiast of the free software movement and the Debian Project, I
> > > feel insulted by this very low
> > > quality site which among other things aserts this:
> > >
> > > "haga click aqu? para una peque?a introduci?n a Debian y conozca el mundo de
> > > linux y el software gratuito"
> > >
> > > Which means:
> > > "click here for a little introduction to Debian and know the world of linux
> > > and free(gratis) software"
> > >
> > > The problem is that "gratuito" means "free" as in "free bear" not as in
> > > "free speech", so the person
> > > who wrote this page missed the hole issue and propagates a wrong concept.
> > >
> > > I think it might be of your interest to be aware of this.
> > I actually clicked the link.
> >   It takes me to a page titled "Introduccion a Debian", which opens with :
> >   "Que es Debian ?"
> >   "Debian es un sistema operativo (SO) libre, o "Open Source", para"
> >   "su computadora."
> >
> > Libre ofcourse indicates free as in freedom.
> Yes, yes. It is a verbating copy of the first paragraph of
> http://www.debian.org
> > Also : for someone who doesnt have much money,
> >   the gratisness of Debian is probably an important part of its being
> > 'libre'. So what is this ? A joke ??
> No joke. I was serious. Did I bother you?
  No, not at all.
  Is Groucho Marx your real name ?

> Usually people get offset if someone impersonates them...
> It might have been the case that the Debian Project disliked a page like the
> one I pointed.
  Yes. Debian people might want to know about lousy pages that carry Debian's
  To let Debian people know off such a page,
    it might be a good idea to email them, quoting the most horrible part of
that page.
  Such a quote might not be representative of that page,
    but could serve to draw people's attention, so they would go look.
  I have assumed that this is what you did.
  I don't think that the part you quoted is very wrong.
    Maybe the page-author is poor, or the target-audience is,
    or the author used 'gratis' to draw attention to Debian.
  (I did not read the whole page. I quit when I saw that the part you zoomed in
    was not bad by my standards.)

> If the page is ok with you, then all is said.
  well..., even then someone could change his mind or like to say hello :-)
  You may be interested to know that I am not a Debian developer (yet).  

> > Who are you anyway ??
> A plain Debian user, brain-washed -if you like- by a recent lecture of
> Richard Stallman that I happened to attend. :-)
> Really I was trying to get more involved with the project: I filed some bug
> reports, subscribed to several mailing lists, and the like.
> I you think I'd make a better contribution by shutting up my mouth, just let
> me know.
  I don't think that at all. Because...
    1) There still exists the possibility that you are right about this website.
       (your presentation of your point could then maybe be improved).
    2) If this particular contribution to Debian happens to be useless,
       it does not follow that all your other contributions are also useless,
       and I think it would be wrong to be negative toward you when you made an 
       honest mistake. Where work gets done, mistakes get made.
       I have made my comments with the purpose to be constructive.
  If you want to get involved with the Debian project,
    you could send them an email saying so,
    there is always lots of things to be done, whatever your skills and

> > ( and what do you have against a free bear ? )
> I'll invite you one anytime you came to Argentina!
> Not likely?
  Would you consider it acceptible if I ate one of your guests ?

> Regards...
> Groucho
  It is nice hearing from you.
  have fun.

P.S. I'm cc-ing debian project, because I think that is a good idea,
  I hope and trust that you dont mind me revealing your part of our

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