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[groucho@lanet.com.ar: fake Debian mirror at http://www.debian.org.ar/]

Someone should check this out...

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I think I found a supposedly Debian mirror at http://www.debian.org.ar/
As an enthusiast of the free software movement and the Debian Project, I
feel insulted by this very low
quality site which among other things aserts this:

"haga click aquí para una pequeña introdución a Debian y conozca el mundo de
linux y el software gratuito"

Which means:
"click here for a little introduction to Debian and know the world of linux
and free(gratis) software"

The problem is that "gratuito" means "free" as in "free bear" not as in
"free speech", so the person
who wrote this page missed the hole issue and propagates a wrong concept.

I think it might be of your interest to be aware of this.

Groucho Marx

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