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Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communication channel

Dans un message du 31 Oct à 11:35, Raphael Hertzog écrivait :
> 3. Proposed changes
> We should ackowledge the fact the IRC channels are used to communicate
> within Debian. They are only an alternate way to discuss things. They
> are not the main communication channels (the mailing lists are). This
> should be documented in Debian Developers Reference and wherever it's
> applicable.
> By acknowledging their existence, we also have to apply the usual Debian
> policies :
> - all #debian-* channels on OpenProjects should be open to everyone
>   except #debian-private which is for registered debian developers only
>   (the actual "key protection" may be replaced by a better identification
>    mechanism at any time)
> - the "netiquette" (RFC 1855, section 4.1.2) applies, channels'
>   subjects should be respected
> Nevertheless, some specific IRC rules apply :
> - the channels should not be publicly archived without notice
> - public quotations may not be accepted by everyone

I hereby second this GR proposal.

Guillaume Morin <guillaume@morinfr.org>

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