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Re: www.linux.com - opinion

(debian-project ML kept in cc headers to provide closure to this thread. Not
that Mr. Ian's reply should have even made it to the list in the first
place to create a thread, but...)

On Thu, 04 Oct 2001, Ian Beard wrote:
[... massive rant deleted ...]

Ever heard of being off-topic?  I asked you, and reminded you not to do it
if you were going to reply on the threads stuff instead of your needs
regarding Debian.

> One thing I will say, developing compilers and debuggers is an extremely
> complicated thing. You really have to be a specialist, even a specialist
> within the debugging and compiling environment (there are several). We
> cannot all be masters of all, some of us are only human and keep to
> small areas. I certainly am not up to the skill required to develop
> debuggers and compilers, so tend to stay clear.

Ok. That makes sense. That explains why you cannot do it, but it does not
explain why nobody did it if it is THAT important. Maybe somebody did it and
we don't know, or someone is doing it right now?  It appears that gdb 5 can
do what you need, and that's exactly what I told you.

> Looks like Linux really is not a multi-threaded environment. So I have
> decided to give up on Linux and go back to Solaris.

And here I flag you as a troll and get back to my work. I gave you a proper
and polite reply, I told you where to get the debugger you needed. I told
you one user replied to your own article in www.linux.com with the needed
information. I answered your direct question of "can Debian do this".

You, instead of trying to follow up on the issue of how installing Debian to
use the debugger you need, or saying thank you, decided to spam
debian-project with an off-topic rant where you go back to "Solaris" because
"Linux cannot do it". Knee-jerk reaction of someone that had already made up
his mind, it looks like to me.

Go home, sleep a bit, talk to your wife and kids or your girlfriend. You
sound like you need some time off. AND if you want to talk about multithread
design versus process design under linux, do not keep the debian-project
mailinglist on the carbon copy headers; email me privately.

> In message <20011004122936.B4221@godzillah>, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
> <hmh@debian.org> writes
> >On Thu, 04 Oct 2001, Ian Beard wrote:
> >> Please read my article at www.linux.com - opinion.
> >
> >Done that. BTW, if multi-threaded support is so important to you and your
> >company and it is not immediactly available, the libre software way is to
> >write your own/improve whatever is there and share.
> >
> >I do fail to see how a system composed of multiple threads is any more
> >simple than a system with multiple processes (given that a thread and a
> >process are equally "light" to a Linux kernel; threads are not any faster,
> >especially not Posix threads).  But that is a discrusion for another day,
> >and another mailinglist.

Sometimes, I wonder why I bother...

  "One disk to rule them all, One disk to find them. One disk to bring
  them all and in the darkness grind them. In the Land of Redmond
  where the shadows lie." -- The Silicon Valley Tarot
  Henrique Holschuh

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