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(bez tematu)

I'm a teacher of the computer study and I take care of the school
laboratory in the Special Secondery School.
/The real name of my school is - Szkoła Zawodowa Specjalna nr 4 w Nowym
My pupils are different than the healthy children so I have to do
everything what is the best for them.
Because  for some years I have been useing Linux (Rh 5.0) in my private
computer I thought about my pupils.
So lately I have started to learn them the Linux system at school. Now
we've got only Linux in our laboratory.
   At the moment I'm looking for some posters or calendars or
advertisements or others informations about
Linux. I want put them on the walls in my classroom. I hope that my
pupils'll be more interested in Linux this way.
So if you can help me please write how can I get these things which I
wrote before or how can I buy them.
         Thanks a lot for helping me.

Rams Grzegorz
33-300 Nowy Sacz
ul.kunegundy 68


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