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		I am just curious if you are planning to port many of the
existing Windows programs that so many of us have grown to love and depend
on? I have tried to use several different versions of Linux, but it always
come back to the programs we want to use and the difficulty of using Linux
as compared to Windows. We are all getting very tired of all the Windows
problems and now the arrogance of Microsoft to control every aspect of their
Operating systems. I cannot even imagine where they get the nerve to control
when or how often you can reload their Windows XP Operating System. They
will force each of us to call them anytime we want to reload their Windows
XP. Since it is necessary to reload Windows Operating Systems frequently,
because of the many bugs that eventually make it impossible to work without
reloading. It is more necessary now than at any time to have an operating
system to replace Windows that is easy to use and maintain, and can run most
of the programs we love and use now. HELP, HELP, HELP..... Rescue us from
the Microsoft Prison......


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