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Progress; & How create a mail list for Woody Users?

I am heartened by the unanimously favorable response to my suggestion
for the creation of a list devoted to issues of relevance to users of
Woody.  :)

I thank all the people who responded to:
RFD: Separate mailing list for users running testing? Chris Halls

And I want to make a special thanks to Chris Halls, who took the time,
effort and knowledge of how to get things done, and, from my
suggestion, created that RFD and posted it to the appropriate list
(which I did not know about doing).

This new list will benefit the Debian community by saving it much time
(for the many reasons listed in the previous thread).  It will also 
enable avoiding the problems that come with a list whose main subject
changes over time (as is now being experienced on the debian-user list
by the growth in focus from potato to potato + woody) by creating a
forum that focuses on specifically this topic, permanently.

There have been many good suggestions about what the name of the list
should be.  Looking them all over, I come to these conclusions:

1) Almost all Debian list names start with "debian-", so that seems

2) What Debian does is produce Linux distributions.  There have been
Hamm, Slink, & Potato.  Woody is next for final release.  There will
likely be others in the future.  Since one essence of a good mailing
list name is that it proceed from the general to the specific, and the
specific of what _Debian_ does is produce distributions, the next word
in the list title should be the version of Debian distro this list
refers to: Woody.  Thus, we have so far: "debian-woody-".

3) A Debian distribution has many facets, topics &/or constituencies. 
This list pertains to topics of interest to _Woody's_  _users_.  Thus,
proceeding again towards the more specific, we get:

Thus, applying the principles of accuracy, and the procession from
general toward specific, gives us the result for the name:

Since the responses to the suggestion for the creation of the list have
all been favorable, and since the existence of such a list could
greatly benefit the Debian community as mentioned above, I propose we
move now to getting this list created.

I am guessing that a creation request posted to this list, or 
listmaster@lists.debian.org, or perhaps a bug report (although this is
not a bug, it is a request for an improvement) to some package, 
(lists.debian.org -- The mailing lists, debian-*@lists.debian.org  ?
From:  http://www.debian.org/Bugs/pseudo-packages)
would be the way to get this request into the "to-do" queue for the
mailing list maintainers.

Would someone who has a clue about the list creation process please now
suggest the procedure to use to get this list created?

Thank you.  :)

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