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Re: RFD: Separate mailing list for users running testing?

On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 08:41:50AM -0400, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> FYI, debian-testing is NOT for developers.
> This list was created for the testing group started during the release of
> 1.3. Most of the members at that time were Debian users, and not
> developers. The whole point was to get users involved in testing.
> Developers said they were already testing on their own.
> The testing group has hit some hard times in the last few years, and has
> not been as active as possible for various reasons.
> If you want to make a push for more users to get involved in the effort, I
> support that very strongly. If you want to coopt this list for some other
> noise reduction issues, please look elsewhere.

I think both would be best :-)  i.e. more people helping the testing
group, and a new list for people who are running testing/unstable and
asking questions on debian-user.

Yes, we need more people to help do the work of the testing group, things
like trying out the testing versions and trying to find problems to get
things ready for general release.  And to that end, I did my first Woody
install from scratch using Woody boot floppies this week!

I think tluxt's idea was more to do with those users who are not
necessarily specifically looking to be a tester, but are just trying to
use Woody on a day to day basis.  There are probably quite a lot of people
in this category, who wouldn't necessarily be all that welcome on
debian-testing with the nth question about getting soundcards working (and
your comment on co-opting seems to agree with that).

However, I think there could well be an advantage in having a seperate
-user list.  If I look back over the last few of days in debian-user, I
see several threads about testing/unstable for sound, and a couple for X
windows and desktop environments.  Now, I was thinking: people who are in
the testing group and package maintainers who do not want to monitor
debian-user may be prepared to monitor a -user list just for
testing/unstable, which is what they're concentrating on in their work.
And people who are searching the list archives for questions about user
problems in testing will not need to keep wading through all the other
questions in debian-user which only apply to stable.  And people runnig
stable will not be confused by all the traffic that does not apply to
stable at all.

Maybe if there was such a new list, it would be a great place to give
regular plugs for the testing group :-)


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