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Re: Debian GNU/Linux in a Human Rights environment?

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 17:32:51 Peter Palfrader wrote:
> > Would this satisfy the requirements for
> > inclusion under free software in Debian?  
> No it would not. And IDEA is not the problem.
> Mixmaster 2.9 (the betas for 3.0 - to be released when Debian is
> at 9.something or so) is non-free. The licence[0] requires you to
> |       (iii) provide Anonymizer Inc. with a copy of the Source Code of
> |       such modifications or work by electronic mail, and grant
> |       Anonymizer Inc. a perpetual, royalty-free license to use and
> |       distribute the modifications or work in its products.
> which is no problem as long as Anonymizer exists. But as soon as they
> cease to exist you can no longer legaly distribute your changes. So
> the mix 2.9 license is not DFSG free (3: Derived Works). It could
> also be argued that it discriminates against persons or groups not
> beeing Anonymizer Inc. but I think that's rather weak.

	Ah.  Ok, I didn't see it that way.  Thank you for pointing that


>   Also the keys and stats list would need to be updated periodically
> (ever
>   day or every other day) either by pinging remailers directly or
> fetching
>   stats from some ftp|web|finger service. ]

	There were shell scripts posted to the mix-l mailing list many
months back which could do this.  The mailing list archives are at:

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