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Re: Debian GNU/Linux in a Human Rights environment?

Em Wed, 22 Aug 2001 16:41:55 -0400
techt <techt@pikeonline.net> escreveu:

> 	I have to agree with the use of Mixmaster.  I've used it myself in
> the past and have found it easy to both set up and use.  There is a problem
> with Mixmaster being non-free.  The source is free but it uses the IDEA
> algorithm which is patented.  The patent on IDEA doesn't expire until 2007
> I think.  Perhaps an avenue to check would be to ask the patent holder if
> they would allow IDEA to be used freely in a human rights environment. 
> Couldn't hurt to try.  Would this satisfy the requirements for inclusion
> under free software in Debian?  
if I understand correctly you're proposing that we should ask them for
a debian-specific license... that's not permited by DFSG...


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