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Re: Question re aptitude/deity

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 10:29:58AM +0100, Jonathan Kent <JKent@e2i.com> was heard to say:
> Can any of you guys outlined what, if any, the relationship is between 
> aptitude and deity as they both appear to perform roughly the same 
> functions.

  There is no relationship.  At the time I started aptitude, the
codebase of console-apt was so broken and hard to work with (in my
opinion at the time) that I felt it was more worth my while to start
a new project where I could incorporate my ideas into the basic structure
of the program. [0]

  console-apt has since improved tremendously and morphed into deity.
Both programs are under active development and are probably completely
usable as package management frontends.  (note, however, that I do not
use deity, so I can't really make any meaningful comments about it)

> I'm wondering which is likely to replace dselect, if that is 
> the intention, or if there are intended to compliment each other.

  It is my intention that aptitude be (eventually) a functional replacement
for dselect; ie, you can use it instead of dselect.  I believe that
deity's authors have the same thing in mind.  However, many Debian
users still swear by dselect, and it is still under semi-active development,
so I think it is unlikely to be entirely replaced soon -- if ever.  (for
one thing, we'd have to split it out from dpkg, which is its own gigantic
can of worms :P )


  [0] Which I then rewrote multiple times, but nevermind.

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