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Re: Random BTS musings

Le Sun, Jul 29, 2001 at 05:24:26PM +1000, Anthony Towns écrivait:
> the sort of people we should be teaching how to do better reports and
> how to write their own patches and stuff.


> Having reportbug say something like:
> 	If you haven't got much experience at submitting bug reports
> 	to Debian, or you haven't been able to find the cause of the
> 	problem, you might be better off contacting some gurus at your
> 	local linux user group, or mailing the debian-user@l.d.o list
> 	so your problem can be discussed and diagnosed more accurately.
> seems like it might be interesting; but it also seems like it'd be
> a good way of completely losing user reports (a post to -user that
> gets no replies and the user never brings it up again), or losing the
> discussion that led up to the diagnosis, or overloading -user with too
> much requests for help and not enough help, or adding a bunch too much
> bureaucracy getting in the way of getting user's problems fixed.

No I think it's a good idea. I've seen this numerous time on
debian-french. Ie discussions that lead to submit bug reports or to provide
more information on an existing bug report.

I think it's wise to add such a warning in reportbug and bug. You could
also speak about debian-devel-<your language> and debian-<your language>
that may exist and be very helpful.

Very few posts are left unanswered.

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