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Re: two questions for DPL nominees

On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 06:46:01PM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> 1. what is your stance(*) on some of the recent controversial topics aka
> flame-wars within debian?   

> 2. what action, if any, do you intend to take on these issues?
>  - non-free archives?

This issue is so controversial that I don't think it can be handled
without a General Resolution.  The DPL can issue a GR at any time without
having to get it seconded, but I would not do so on this issue.

I continue to be of two minds about John Goerzen's proposal of many months
ago.  My main concern during the whole process was that I felt, whether on
purpose or by accident, the GR system was operating in such a way as to
prevent certain points of view from appearing on the ballot.

But, I'm sure you want a committed viewpoint one way or the other.

If put in the position of making a casting vote to decide the issue, yeah,
I probably would vote to get the non-free archives off of official project
machines.  I am, however, uncomfortable with the idea of *completely*
yanking the rug out from underneath it.  It needs a BTS, etc.  On the
bright side, our current BTS is cracking under the weight and is going to
need to be re-architected soon anyway.  So the time is likely getting ripe
for experimentation with the BTS for reasons totally unrelated to some
non-free split.

>  - sluggish new maintainer process?

I recently sponsored an applicant, in part because I'd like to get a closer
look at how the NM process actually works, and how fast or slow it is in
practice.  I do have the nagging feeling that Application Managers don't
have sufficient supervision.  Some of them do a great job, whereas others
seem to get very little accomplished.

I'd like to work with Dale Scheetz and the rest of the NM team, to keep the
channels of communication open, and see what can be done to make their jobs

>  - maintainers who are MIA

I think we have too many MIA maintainers, and too many unmaintained
packages that are not recognized as such as a result.

To quote from my platform:

I propose that we experiment with, and ultimately apply, automated tools
for tracking package and developer activity, and act accordingly.
Unmaintained packages should be automatically placed into WNPP[2], and idle
developers should be moved into an "Emeritus" status, and their packages
distributed among active developers.  There are already some tools in
existence to handle the identification of idle maintainers, but I am less
concerned with the specifics than with an effective result.

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