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Re: two questions for DPL nominees

>  - non-free archives?

I'd like to eventually see it moved to it's own archive. I don't think
there is anything Debian can do to make this happen. It will require
someone taking the time and effort to get the resources, take the time
to organize it, and get it going. I don't want to see non-free go away.
It just wouldn't be a smart thing to do. Eventually I see non-free
dieing it's own death anyway, at the hands of users and not Debian.

>  - sluggish new maintainer process?

I've already adrressed this, and the explanation is kind of lengthy.
Please review my original platform. I don't think there is ever going to
be an end-all solution here. We will always have a huge queue in the NM
process. Hopefully we can make it so that they can do more during the
stages of this process.

>  - Maintainers who are MIA

Well, there are already things in place to detect this. I believe the DAM
will have a lot to do with this process. More than likely, I see a two
step process. First step is to move them to a innactive status (put
their key in a seperate keyring, disable their accounts). Give them 1
year to return before completely removing them. If they return during
the forced innactive status, they can email a pgp signed message to get

IMO, we should make it easier for MIA developers to innactivate
themselves. Right now we have it so developers generally just quit, or
go into hiding. I think if we allow them to go innactive (keep their
status, but disable accounts and uploads), we might reduce future MIA
accounts. It's not too uncommon for people to just take a year break for
personal reasons. I think we should make it easy for them to do that
without quiting.

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