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CLarksville Linux Users Group

A few weeks ago, I sent you the following email and have not yet gotten a reply.  I can't tell you
enough how much your support helps not only our LUG, but every LUG.  Please send any
software/information to:

Larry Greenleaf
736 Lafayette Rd.
Clarksville ,TN

Thank you in advance from not only myself but the entire CLarksville Linux Users Group.

Please see the following:

To whom it may concern,

    My name is Larry Greenleaf and I am the vice president of the
CLarksville Linux Users Group. We are a group of Linux enthusiasts
who wish to spread the good word about the almighty penguin and
show people that they are not bound by the constraints of certain other
operating systems that shall remain nameless. I am writing to you to
enquire about the possibly of getting some software from you to pass
out at our demo days. We have 20-30 people in our LUG. We generally
do a demo day every three months or so depending upon availability of
software. I cannot stress enough how support from large vendors, such as

yourselves, play in advocating Linux. People like to get free stuff so
we play
off of this to increase our numbers, as well as advocate the operating
we all love so much. Any help you might be able to give us in this would
be most appreciated.

Larry Greenleaf
Vice President
CLarksville Linux Users Group
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