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Re: Security upgrade for potato by new major version and distro change?

--- Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote:
> 	If the maintainer does not know C/C++, then they really have
>  no business packaging a C/C++ programme. Debian is supposed to be
>  more than a repository of everything out there (or a cool email
>  address). It is also supposed to be about quality. If you do not
>  understand the language your package is written in, it is highly
>  unlikely your stewardship of that package is goging to be anything
>  but mediocre.
> 	I would hope most developers would realize this, and do the
>  right thing
> 	manoj

I'm sorry manoj, I don't agree with you there. Surely the maintainer is
there to ensure that the program in its existing state is packaged and
can be installed on a computer correctly, and to work as it should.
This means configuration issues should be a maintainer's biggest issue
they must deal with.

The debugging of a package's program is not solely the responsibility
of the maintainer, rather in the Linux(and others)/GNU arena, the user
is the one who takes responsibility for the program's actual
performance. If a maintainer cannot debug a program, he can simply
redirect issues upstream.

NOTE that i'm not saying 'if he can't program in that language',
sometimes even experienced C/C++ programmers cannot easily debug a
large program (eg: TeX, X, lesstif, linuxkernels), and must not be held

I speak from the point of view of a C/C++ programmer who likes to debug
programs, but does not like trying to figure out debian's packaging
system. Stick with what you know, and assist the community where you


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