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Re: Security upgrade for potato by new major version and distro change?

>>"Christian" == Christian Hammers <ch@westend.com> writes:

 Christian> Debian has many maintainers who cannot programm or like me
 Christian> can programm perl and php (well enough to get paid for) it
 Christian> but have not much experience with C.

 Christian> Those people can do nothing about a c++ security fix
 Christian> except crying out loud for help. (that came quickly by
 Christian> better maintainers)

 Christian> You (plural, not you personally) can fire "us" or see that
 Christian> we're a well copntribution to the project.

	If the maintainer does not know C/C++, then they really have
 no business packaging a C/C++ programme. Debian is supposed to be
 more than a repository of everything out there (or a cool email
 address). It is also supposed to be about quality. If you do not
 understand the language your package is written in, it is highly
 unlikely your stewardship of that package is goging to be anything
 but mediocre.

	I would hope most developers would realize this, and do the
 right thing

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