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Re: [PROPOSAL] Allowing crypto in the main archive

On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 04:16:18PM -0800, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> This is a slightly updated changed to reflect comments from people.
> Debian developers can second this proposal for inclusion in the
> policy text.
> Proposal is to change section 2.1.5 of the Debian policy to say:
>    Non-free programs with cryptographic program code need to be stored
>    on the "non-us" server because of export restrictions of the U.S.
>    Programs which use patented algorithms that have a restrictied
>    license also need to be stored on "non-us", since that is located
>    in a country where it is not allowed to patent algorithms.
>    A package depends on another package which is distributed via the
>    non-us server has to be stored on the non-us server as well.
> If this proposal gets accept it means Debian also shoud:
> * notify the US government that we have a FTP site that distributes
>   crypto software.
> * add a legal welcome message to our FTP site that informs people 
>   about the regulations regarding crypto software. This also means
>   we will not be consciously exporting crypto to the 7 blacklisted
>   countries

Assuming that the legalities are OK (IANAL), I second this proposal.
It will certainly clean up some messy stuff (eg enabling fetchmail ssl



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