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Priority for Sponsored (was Re: Fear the new maintainer process)

Jérôme Marant wrote:

> Why not processing sponsored developers separately ?

It's contrary to _my_ interests, since I'm not sponsored yet
(and am not yet ready to ask for sponsorship for a new
xmailtool upload...), but it certainly seems fair that those
who are already actively contributing to Debian go to the
head of the list somehow for assignment to an Application
Manager.  However, there would need to be some bit of info
that should clue New-Maintainer in on the fact that this
needs to be done, either another data field, such as
"Current Contributions:", or New-Maintainer would have to
have Checking for Sponsorship and Other Activity in his
process, which should be adding to his workload (, so I favor
the former).

Current Contributions could include more than Sponsored
Packages, which ought to get the greatest priority.  Also 
weighed in could be Upstream Maintainership, Bugfixes 
Submitted (and Accepted), BugReports Made, and ... uh ...
Questions Answered on -user ;{)> .  These even could be 
evaluated and quantized somehow, but that really should be
basically arbitrary, so I don't recommend that.

> I'm one of the numerous people that has not been assigned
> a AM yet. However, like some others, I do maintain packages
> in Debian, I have a sponsor, a signed GPG key and ID and I've
> already perform some of the tasks from NM-4 (filling but
> reports, etc).

At least you'll already have Check Skills and Tasks fulfilled, 
and have a leg up on those of use who don't.

> Till last september, I was adviced not to apply to new-
> maintainer because this seemed to be useless, at that moment.
> And now, I'm deep in the nm-list. 

Well, hang in there; remember that about that time, as I've
been given to understand, Accepting New Maintainers was
moribund, and the new process distributes the load while
(attempting to) ensure quality in those accepted.
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