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Re: On the lets-remove-nonfree-proposal

  Hamish> > 2. Introduce people to open source ideals.

  Marcus> Debian was founded long before the Open Source movement hit the
  Marcus> market.

  Marek> I think Hamish referred to the idea of open source, not to the
  Marek> Movement.

Obviously.  Marcus "accidentally" (?) overlooked the small caps. These
repeated "accidents" by the GR proponents are getting old real fast.

  >> Personally, I value freedom over quality and convenience, and would hope
  >> that Debian promotes it this way.

  Marek> Marcus, I think that this statement expresses the feelings of all of
  Marek> us here - no matter whether we are pro or contra the GR. But that is
  Marek> not the point - these are our personal feelings _not_ related to the
  Marek> project as a whole and, more, not related to the feelings of our
  Marek> _users_. And, I think, that is the the starting point of the entire
  Marek> flamewar (err.. discussion?) - that some of us try to promote their
  Marek> own (our own) ideals/feeling without regard to what the _users_ as a
  Marek> community need/demand/seek in Debian. What they want is a fully
  Marek> functional OS with all the features found in the other OSes out
  Marek> there.  More, they turn to Debian because they seek quality and they
  Marek> find it, they seek exellency and they find it, but as soon as they
  Marek> are faced with the fact that Debian, as an OS, doesn't contain some
  Marek> pieces of software because the software isn't free in the Debian
  Marek> terms, they will turn to look somewhere else. This all have been
  Marek> said before, therefore I'll just stop now... The bottom line for
  Marek> today is that the free software has still some way ahead before it
  Marek> can replace all the non-free software in a fully functional OS.
  >> Free software is not necessarily of higher quality, there is a lot of
  >> bad software around, free or proprietary. It is good to see that free
  >> software can be of higher quality, but it is not a direct consequence.
  Marek> I agree completely but, again, this is your, mine, our personal view
  Marek> - not necessarily (and probably, in many cases, _not_) of our
  Marek> users. As Hamish put it in his mail - we want to educate users about
  Marek> free software and its ideals - therefore we must attract the users
  Marek> and not push them away by _not providing them with the software they
  Marek> need_. Before somebody gets in and states that I'm promoting
  Marek> non-free software - I just recognize the fact that not all non-free
  Marek> software has its free, fully functional and equally good free
  Marek> counterparts. IMO this very fact is a reason to work more and harder
  Marek> on providing the missing free equivalents...
  >> > However, I think this GR compromises #2.  [...]  > We lose our
  >> opportunity > to show them the benefits of open source (goal #2).
  >> I think that the benefits of free software is that it is free,
  Marek> That's an ideological and valuable benefit but without a direct
  Marek> benefit for an end user...
  >> not that it allows to run netscape on it or any other technical
  >> argument. We currently don't take our opportunity to show this to our
  >> users.
  Marek> Oh, but we do! People who work on Mozilla do exactly that! As soon
  Marek> as their product (or, say, galeon) is finished they will step
  Marek> forward and say "There!  Here's a _free_ equivalent of Netscape -
  Marek> see? It has all the features of Netscape and even more, and is
  Marek> free!". By doing that they will show that the free software _is_
  Marek> better - and it will be clear for everyone. That's what should be
  Marek> done - demonstrating the superiority of free software by facts, not
  Marek> by speeches, statements and impractical resolutions.
  Marek> regards,
  Marek> marek
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