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Re: pgp and gpg

Amongst the bugs (several of which have been open for more than a
year!) against the keyring, there are several other suggestions,
including specifying the keyring:

gpg --load-extension rsa --load-extension idea --secret-keyring ~/.pgp/secring.pgp --keyring ~/.pgp/pubring.pgp --default-key 'davidw@efn.org' --sign-key 'davidw@linuxcare.com'

gpg: davidw@linuxcare.com: user not found

You security types should be hopping mad over these programs.  GPG and
PGP are so confused that most people just ask advice from others, or
follow something they find here or there.  How secure is that?

We need a guide: how to use gpg and gpg with Debian, which lists, step
by step, all the operations that one might wish to perform as a Debian
developer, regarding *both* gpg and pgp.  The current documentation is
inadequate.  Maybe I'd even volunteer to help if I could figure out
HTF to make these things work.

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