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Re: pgp and gpg

As per /usr/doc/debian-keyring/README.gz

@freddy [~] $ gpg --load-extension rsa --load-extension idea --secret-keyring ~/.pgp/secring.pgp --default-key 'davidw@efn.org' --sign-key 'davidw@linuxcare.com'

gpg: key E8332029: secret key without public key - skipped
pub  1024D/DFEAC4B9  created: 2000-01-20 expires: never      trust: -/q
sub  1024g/07014AC2  created: 2000-01-20 expires: never     
(1)  David N. Welton <davidw@linuxcare.com>

Already signed by key E8332029
Nothing to sign with key E8332029
Key not changed so no update needed.

@freddy [~] $ pgp -kxa davidw@linuxcare.com                                                                      Pretty Good Privacy(tm) 2.6.3a - Public-key encryption for the masses.
(c) 1990-96 Philip Zimmermann, Phil's Pretty Good Software. 1996-03-04
Uses the RSAREF(tm) Toolkit, which is copyright RSA Data Security, Inc.
Distributed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Export of this software may be restricted by the U.S. government.
Current time: 2000/07/06 14:12 GMT

Extracting from key ring: '/home/davidw/.pgp/pubring.pgp', userid "davidw@linuxcare.com".

Key not found in key ring '/home/davidw/.pgp/pubring.pgp'.


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davidw@linuxcare.com, http://www.linuxcare.com/
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