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RE: How much support for Debian/Win32 and Debian/Nonfreeos?

I would be VERY much instructing in helping out all I can.. but I am having
a small problem accessing the files on the site to check things out before I
jump head first into this project.. I've personally been working on the
m68k/Debian stuff but now I think its time to move on... and Debian Win32
sounds very interesting...

Mike Huddleson

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From: Max Berger [mailto:mage@phobos.fachschaften.tu-muenchen.de]
Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2000 6:11 AM
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Subject: How much support for Debian/Win32 and Debian/Nonfreeos?


I know there is a general tendency against supporting non-free oses in the
Debian project itself. However, some of use like or have to use non-free
oses, but are still fans of the Debian system.

We have startet the Debian/Win32 project now, and ask for the following
- registration of a name. I would like something like
  (We want stick with win32 first, but keep room for other ideas)
- A link from the main Debian pages to this project.

If you want to take a look at the project, the current site is
www.dloo.com/debian and the mailing list is win32@lists.debian.org

Please CC your replies to either me or (better) the win32-list.

Thanks for your parience.

Max Berger
e-mail: max.berger@xslt.de

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