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Re: Re:Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

truename <zhaoway@yeah.net> wrote:
> I guess we're agree with each other. I mean, even the GR passed,
> that doesn't make Debian a worse distro then RH, only that Debian
> is (in some way) comes to a rpmfind.org, as bad/good as RH.
> (Only techinicaly. I like RH then anyother RPM based distro.
> And I like the company. 8)

Indeed.  But the goal of Debian seems to include technical
excellence, instead of "trying to suck a little bit less than
other distributions".

> So people think if the GR passed then they will abandon Debian,
> I think they're wrong on this point. (But I still cannot say if

Please try not to forget that there is still something called
FreeBSD out there, whose quality is currently about on par with
Debian GNU/Linux.  Never say that "the users have nowhere else
to go", because there are always alternatives, which is what
free software is all about.

No flames, just some observation.

-- Chuan-kai Lin

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