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Re: Some more reality..

On 13-Jun-00, 01:57 (CDT), John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote: 

> ...Nor did I say that it is not useful simply because I did not use
> it.  Nor, I think, did anyone else support my position on those
> grounds, although plenty supported the opposition on the grounds that
> they personally used it (equally unforgivable a position to hold).

As a Debian developer who is *very* pro free software (I recently quit
my job because I could no longer stand working on non-free software for
non-free systems), I do not see what is "unforgivable" about opposing
a resolution that asks our users to do something I personally have not
yet been able to do ( e.g. give up netscape, acroread, and the java
jdk.) (FWIW, I don't hold that being in favor of the resolution while
continuing to use non-free software is "unforgivable" either, so long
one doesn't make a "lack of utility" arguement, which I'm not claiming
that John G is doing.)


PS Anyone have a Linux/BSD free software developement job for me? :-)

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