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Re: The proposed GR: catch-22

Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> > Debian a screen comes up and asks if the user would like access to the
> > non-free sections of Debian and it explains what non-free is.  Perhaps this
> > should be enhanced and made more clear if there is confusion.  Instead the
> > proposal claims removal is necessary.  If users are confused, let us educate
> > them instead of attempting to remove from their sight what currently exists.
> If the screen says what you said it does, then already there's a
> problem.
> Since non-free is not part of Debian, there are no "non-free sections
> of Debian", there are only non-free parts of the archive.  Debian
> itself only contains `main'.  
> Which means, in fact, that here's one data point for confusion.

Description: Use non-free software?
 Debian makes available some non-free software. Though this software is
 not part of Debian proper, it can be installed with apt. This software has
 limitations on its distribution, modification, and/or use. Do you want
 this software to be made available to you?

That is the message I am using now. I don't think it leaves much room for
confusing non-free and Debian.

see shy jo

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