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Re: The proposed GR: catch-22

Stephen Frost <sfrost@ns.snowman.net> writes:

> 	Are there some statistics that users are confused?  When installing
> Debian a screen comes up and asks if the user would like access to the
> non-free sections of Debian and it explains what non-free is.  Perhaps this
> should be enhanced and made more clear if there is confusion.  Instead the
> proposal claims removal is necessary.  If users are confused, let us educate
> them instead of attempting to remove from their sight what currently exists.

If the screen says what you said it does, then already there's a

Since non-free is not part of Debian, there are no "non-free sections
of Debian", there are only non-free parts of the archive.  Debian
itself only contains `main'.  

Which means, in fact, that here's one data point for confusion.

I could go over the posts on debian-project and debian-devel with a
fine toothed comb and post a list of all the messages there which
evince the confusion, including several from users who were very
worried about "removing non-free from Debian".


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