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Re: Some more reality..


In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.1000610202829.9403I-100000@wakko.deltatee.com>,
  at Sat, 10 Jun 2000 20:50:13 -0600 (MDT),
 Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca> writes:

> In fact, the download ratios don't seem to have changed much since the
> last time this came up, still about 5-6% of all downloads from
> ftp.debian.org are for non-free software. Not bad for something that is
> only 6% of all packages!

Because non-free packages are rarely distributed on CD-ROMs, while
the main and the contrib packages will be, the percentage of traffic
for non-free will go high.  (There are some "snap-shot" CD-ROMs even
for unstable. Many of them just includes main.)

> reason alone. In particular I'd like to see a little consideration for
> some of the more diverse groups that are serviced by non-free [anyone else
> notice how many Asian fonts are in there?]. 

I found several package of fonts in non-free, but most of them look
not so specific to Asian language.  xfonts-naga10 and figfonts-cjk are
Asian related one, and gsfonts-other seems to include some related
font as part of it, but others (figfonts, freefont, sharefont, gfont)
don't look specific to Asian language at all.

I don't use them at all on my system now, so I may be wrong, though.
And I don't check for unstable since I use frozen only to work for 
potato boot-floppies.

For the record, the most of Japanese fonts related packages are
DFSG compatible, and distributed from our main archive area.

(They includes: asiya24-vfont, watanabe-vfont, dvi2ps-fontdata-ja, 
 konfont, xfonts-a12k12, xfonts-cjk, xfonts-intl-japanese, 
 xfonts-intl-japanese-big, xfonts-kaname, and xfonts-marumoji)

  Taketoshi Sano: <sano@debian.org>,<sano@debian.or.jp>,<kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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