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Re: The proposed GR: catch-22

Mark Brown <broonie@tardis.ed.ac.uk> writes:

> > I could go over the posts on debian-project and debian-devel with a
> > fine toothed comb and post a list of all the messages there which
> > evince the confusion, including several from users who were very
> > worried about "removing non-free from Debian".
> Perhaps you would prefer it if everyone wrote "removing all the support
> provided for using non-free software with Debian"?  I'm not sure how
> much of it is careless wording and how much of it is real
> misunderstanding.

But this is wrong too.  People can still run non-free software with
Debian if they like; as amended, the social contract would still
explicitly state that, and that we will support people who so choose.

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